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I'm comin' Home 
I'm comin' Home 
Tell the world I'm Comin' Home 

"I'm sorry sir, but what did you say?"  
(Y/n) stared at her commanding officer, Sergeant Major Milhoune, her eyes wide with both hope and disbelief. She was sitting on her cot, of which was located at the infamous Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. She had been sent there a few weeks ago from where she had previously been stationed, a small camp in the mist of the warzone. 
She had been sent away from the front lines when she had dislocated both her knee and her hip, although she had expected that she would have been sent back after the muscles an tendons had healed.  
Apparently, this was not the case. 
"You heard me (l/n)," Milhoune said, a serious, almost blank looking expression plastered on his face, the same one that he usually wore while he was making rounds around the camp or while training the newer soldiers that entered the area. "I said you're going home," He said, a slightly softened smile showing through his stone cold exterior as he looked down at the (h/c) female, of whom was still staring at him in shock. 
"Pack your things, you're shipping out at 18:00," He said, turning on his heel as he walked away, leaving (y/n) speechless where she sat. She watched the taller dark skinned man walked out of the room that she shared with almost 25 other men and women, all of whom seemed to be off doing other things. 
After a moment, the (h/c) woman felt a smile creep up onto her face, quickly turning into a full fledged grin as she allowed herself to fall back against the somewhat thin mattress. One of her arms ended up being flung over her eyes, of which had begun to sting slightly. 
"(l/n)! I know you're not slacking off," Came the Sergeant Major's stern deeper voice, echoing through the room of cots, causing (y/n) to sit up straight.  
"No Sir!" She said loudly, standing up as she said so to begin packing up the small amount of belongings that she had brought with her overseas, her grin coming back as she spotted the pocket sized picture that had been set underneath the pillow on her bunk, an image of her and her boyfriend, Alfred.  
The last time she had seen her 'Hero' had been over three years ago, and although they could still call, they had been forced to stick to mailing letters to each other only a year after she had left, since it had become to difficult to do otherwise. The last time she had received a letter from the blond had been months ago.  
Now, she wouldn't have to wait for the letter. 
Let the Rain, Wash Away 
All the Pain of Yesterday 

(y/n) pulled her light green and Gray cap down over her (h/l) (h/c) hair, keeping at least the top of her head shielded from the rain that was pouring down from the dark sky. She was standing on the runway of an airport in Dubai, waiting for the small plane she would be taking home to allow her to board. 
She looked up at the dark clouds above her, allowing the large drops of rain to pelt her face. In the last few years, because of where she had been stationed, she had learned to be irritated by the arrival of rain, but now, it brought only joy to the young woman. As the rain soaked both the (s/t) skin of her face, as well as the shoulders of her uniform, she felt as if all the pain, worry and sadness were being washed away from her, taking a great weight off of her shoulders. 
She stood beside the Sergeant Major, the same one of whom had told her that she would be leaving Afghanistan only hours ago, and who had also been the one to escort her to Dubai, her last destination before reaching her home; Washington D.C. Her heart fluttered at the thought of going home, the same home that she had once shared with Alfred before leaving to serve her country.  
She hadn't had a chance to call the blonde, since within an hour of being informed herself, she had been put on a plane to Dubai. She didn't have her cell phone anymore, since within a short time of being sent to the front lines, she had ended up sending it back to Alfred so it wouldn't be damaged or lost, since while she was 'working', it would be the last thing on her mind. 
"(l/n)!" She heard from her right, her head snapping to attention as she swiveled in her spot, turning towards the authorities man besides her. She relaxed at the hand that he held up, as if to stop any salutes that may have come from the younger woman. 
"It's time to go," He said, his facial features being Illuminated by the bright lights that lined the runway, although they were dimmer then they would usually be at this time due to the large raindrops that constantly passed in front of the beams of light. 
"... Thank you Sir," (y/n) Said, nodding to the taller man, of whom up until now, had been guiding her for the past three weeks. After a short moment, he nodded back, holding up his pointer finger and his middle finger in a relaxed salute, (y/n) returning the gesture before turning towards the plane, where she was being beckoned by a woman standing on the small stairway leading up into the small flying vehicle. 
I know My Kingdom Awaits 
And they've forgiven my Mistakes 

(y/n) sat back in her seat, her small duffel bag sitting on the floorboards by her feet. It would be hours until she would be back in D.C., but she felt as if she couldn't sleep. Her mind was going almost a million miles an hour as she thought about everything she had been through in the last three years, as well as what her friends and family had been through, or at least what they had told her through their letters. 
She hadn't been on good terms with everyone before leaving, but after she had been drafted, she had tried her hardest to make amends with all of whom she hadn't, although she honestly hadn't had to try as hard as she would have thought.  
Apparently, the idea that the (h/c) girl (For despite her experiences, she was still seen as a girl to many) may not have come back was more than enough to make others willing to make amends, especially when it came to her close family. Any problems that had stood in the way between her and her peers had been washed away almost as easily as the burdens that had been lifted by the rain that darkened the skies. 
Thinking about them, despite how close she was to being back with them once again, she felt as though she had never been farther away. The time that it had taken for the plane to take off, of which had most likely been nothing more then ten minutes, had seemed like hours to her, and the thought of it taking almost eighteen hours to get home, not counting the time that she would have to spend in London before being transferred onto the plane that would take her home, was almost too much to bare. 
To pass the time, she ended up dragging her duffel bag up onto her lap, digging through it for the packet of letters that sat at the bottom, wrapped protectively in one of her tan, semi-waterproof shirts. She pulled out the first one of the stack, pulling her legs up to her knees as she began to read it over. 
By the time that one of the flight attendants had walked to the seat that (y/n) was assigned to sit in, she came to find the young woman curled up in her seat, letters spayed out over both her lap and the fold out tray that sat in front of her, seemingly in a deep sleep. The woman smiled, picking up the packets of papers that had slid off of the womans lap, setting them onto the empty seat besides her, quickly making her way back to the front of the plane, not wishing to disturb the young soldier. 
I'm comin' Home 
I'm comin' Home 

The (h/c) stepped out of the taxi, her duffel bag haphazardly thrown over her shoulder as she looked at the condominium before her. Her left hand rested on the top of the metal door as she watched the lights that shone dimly through the many windows covering the face of the building, flickering like candles left out to guide her way home.  
Now that she was here, back to the place that she had so long called 'Home', she was hesitant to leave the safety of the Cab she had ridden in for the last hour. She looked back to the cab driver, of who's name happened to be Sean, unshed tears staining her (e/c) Iris's. 
"What... What if he's not happy to see me?" She asked, her grip on the door tightening as she looked back at the man, of whom sighed as he ran a hand through his short hair. A soft, yet encouraging smile swam across her features as he raised an eyebrow at the woman, shaking his head slightly. 
"Well Darlin', you won't know until you try, now will you?" He asked, earning a worried huff from the (h/c). He sighed again, resting his elbow of his right arm on the back of his seat as he turned towards her. 
"If It makes you feel any better, I'll wait out here for you for ten minutes. If you come back out, you have an escape route, if not..." He said, shrugging. (y/n) flashed a smile at his offer, a small chuckle escaping her lips as she shook her head. Reaching into her duffel bag, she pulled out a twenty, handing it to the man. Luckily, she had been able to trade what money she had had before for American currency before she left. 
"No, I'll be fine, I'm sure," She said, sounding much more convincing then she truly felt. She wasn't truly worried that Alfred wouldn't want to see her; No, what she was worried about was that he would be mad that she hadn't written back for months, or that she hadn't called before coming home. Or worse; That he had moved on to find someone else. 
"Alright Kid, Good Luck," Sean said, bringing her out of her thoughts as he began to drive off, leaving her out in the dark street. It wasn't raining here as it had been almost twenty four hours ago in Dubai, but then again, she was almost in a different world then she had been twenty four hours ago. 
As she walked through the doors of the building, she was still consumed in her thoughts, making her almost completely unaware of her surroundings. When she arrived in London to transfer onto her next, and final plane, she had been held back for almost six hours until she was able to get onto her plane. It had almost been torture to wait that long, but she had thankfully made it through.  
By the time she was able to pull herself from the depths of her mind, she was already standing in front of a white door, shiny black numbers reading of a combination that she knew all too well.  

It was her apartment, one of which that right now, should contain the one person she wanted nothing more to see. She readjusted the strap of her duffel bag over her shoulder as she hesitantly brought her hand up, balled into a fist, to knock. 

After she knocked, she focused on calming herself down from the slightly panicked state that she had managed to wind herself up into. She turned from the door, bringing a hand un to massage her temple as she worked and slowing her breathing. By the time she had relaxed enough to at least breath normal, she heard something that made her heart almost stop. 
"Hey Dudette, can I..." Could be heard from behind her, although the voice seemed to trail off as (y/n) turned around, facing the blue eyed blonde that she had been waiting to see again for the last three years. His hair was a mess, even more so then it usually was, and by looking at the way he was dressed, it was obvious to the young woman that he had previously been asleep. 
"Can you what Alfred?" (y/n) Asked, a soft smile gracing her lips as she took in the comically shocked look on his face, watching warily as it changed from a look of shock to one of disbelief. 
"(y/n)?" He asked slowly, taking a step out of the doorway that he had been standing in since he opened the door. He almost looked as if he thought that he was dreaming, the disbelief almost outweighing the longing that had begun to show through. When he had stopped receiving her letters, Alfred hadn't been worried, although after not receiving them for months on end, he had begun to fear the worse. But now... 
(y/n) Felt a few tears come to her eyes as she nodded her head, her (h/l) (H/c) hair swishing slightly at the movement, although it was somewhat restricted due to the cap that still rested on the crown of her head. When he didn't make a move towards her, she felt more tears come to her eyes, although they were blinked back when she was practically tackled by the man in front of her. 
For a moment, they said nothing, simply clinging to each other for dear life in the middle of the empty hallway, as if they thought that letting go would be a death sentence. Tears trickled from (y/n)'s (e/c) eyes, trailing down her face as she held as tightly as she could to Alfred's muscled body. She felt him tighten his hold on her when he realized she was crying, ignoring the fact that he himself was crying as well. 
"I've missed you so much," He said, his voice a hoarse whisper as he attempted to talk clearly, although it didn't seem to work nearly as well has he had hoped it would. (Y/n) couldn't say anything, knowing that if she attempted to, it would only break the flood-gates that she was barely holding back as it was, merely nodding her head as she buried her head into the crook of his neck. 
"I'm comin' home," She whispered, vowing from that moment that she wouldn't let go of the Love of her life ever again, not even if her life depended on it. 
Tell the world I'm Comin' Home
See, I did it!
I actually did a one-shot!
No matter how much it rambled, and probably sucked, It's still an actual one-shot!

The Song was obviously a part of "I'm Coming Home" by Skylar Grey
I think there's actually another name for it, but this is how I know it
The link to the version of the song I used is here

I actually felt kinda sad while I wrote this, but oh well~

Please Comment and Favorite, It would mean so much to me!

Later Broskis!Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely bye bye wave) [V3] 

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconkitinskey: 
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and afterwards...
you spend days without writting from them
then days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months, months turn to years, and before you know it its two years and you dont have any news
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